Hilarious Japanese Man Makes Ping Pong Insanely Awesome to Watch

Those who say table tennis is boring certainly has not seen Takkyu Genin Pinpon’s  unique take on the sport.

A mix of awesome ping pong skills and comedic genius, the Japanese player has elevated the game to a whole new stratosphere of entertainment bliss.

The sport is currently huge in Japan due to the success of its players, including Olympic power couple Ai Fukuhara and Taiwanese Chiang Hung-chieh.


But far from the tournaments and pro leagues, another talented ping pong star is rising and he has captured everyone’s attention. He calls himself Takkyu Genin Pinpon or “Table Tennis Entertainer Ping Pong” and displays his mesmerizing trick shots in his YouTube videos that are guaranteed to make anyone who watch them gape in awe.

His videos have generated a huge positive response from all over the world, prompting him to release an English compilation of some of his best moves.

The three-minute clip exhibits unique comedy in masterful ping pong style. Playful and entertaining, the video starts with a few basic yet complicated moves that slowly gravitated into comedic skits involving table tennis etiquette, a variety of paddle alternatives, ping pong self-defense and table tennis relationship goals.

Rocketnews24 has compiled and translated some comments from amazed viewers:

“That was great from start to finish.”
“You are a f***ing genius.”
“That last scene was very romantic.”
“Hilarious. He is crazy.”
“You deserve at least a million views!”
“Alright we can delete YouTube now. This is the winner. It’s over.”

Here’s an older Takkyu Genin Pinpon creation which is equally funny:

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Money Counters: Counting Cash And Change Made Simpler

Money Counters: Counting Cash And Change Made Simpler

A money counter is a device which is used to count currency, checks or coupons. It takes less time than counting money manually, increases efficiency and eliminates the errors caused by manual counting. There are various types of money counters depending on their ability to count, add, batch, sort and align cash receipts. Some are designed to handle international currency. Other types of counters count and sort coins.

A Money Sorter for Coins
A money counter is a great device for counting and sorting coins. It is very useful to anybody who handles a lot of change. People who receive tips and cashiers will find it useful. Some machines can also sort and put the coins into bags that are preset. Some can even deposit the money directly into pre-formed coin wrappers.

Cash Receipt Counter
Some money counter machines are so easy to handle that you just have to put the stack of bills in it and the machine will do the rest. Some others are designed to detect counterfeit notes as well. They remove the counterfeit money from the genuine one. They have a built-in UV light system, an incandescent bulb to detect watermark, a magnifier for verifying the micro printing and a magnetic component which helps it to detect them. Money sorters have different speeds, depending on the machine you buy. Some can count up to 1000 bills per minute.

Types and Preferences
There are certain money counters which are designed to count international currency as well. You can alter a few settings and customize the machine to count international currency according to its type and size. You can even customize the security levels for your counter. It will detect counterfeit currency depending on the settings that you use.

Advanced types of money counters also come with built in settings to create batches, sort denominations and display the total of the current count. A quality money counter is reliable, sturdy and simple to use. The function of a money counter is to make money management an easier job. Time is money in business, so the faster the bills can be counted and stacked; the better it is for the businessman.


South Korea Has Actual Plans to Assassinate Kim Jong-Un

South Korea has a not so secret plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un.

According to South Korea’s defense minister, the country has trained elite troops to be prepared to assassinate Kim Jong Un if they feel an imminent threat of nuclear attack.

During a parliament meeting that took place on Wednesday, the defense minister was asked if there was a special forces unit assigned with the task of taking out the North Korean leader. According to CNN, he answered:

“Yes, we do have such a plan. South Korea has a general idea and plan to use precision missile capabilities to target the enemy’s facilities in major areas as well as eliminating the enemy’s leadership.”

The recent nuclear test carried out by North Korea has put officials in South Korea on edge. On Sept. 9, Pyongyang claimed a successful test of a nuclear warhead. In addition, the leadership tested a new type of a high-powered rocket engine that could possibly be used for an intercontinental ballistic missile this week.


Chief Director of Strategic Planning at the Joint Chiefs of staff, Leem Ho Young, revealed a new system called the Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR) following North Korea’s nuclear warhead test claim. KMPR involves surgical missile attacks and an exclusive special warfare unit that targets North Korea’s leadership.

Under such circumstances, it seems practical to have an assassination plan. Daniel Pinkston of, the Northeast Asia Deputy Project Director for the International Crisis Group in Seoul at Troy University, said:

“A president would want to have the option […] Not presenting that to the president, not training for it and having that capability would be a mistake.”

South Korea’s defense ministry isn’t taking any risks. They are preparing for the worst case scenario and are expecting North Korea to conduct a sixth nuclear test in the near future.

For everyone else, take a look inside the day to day existence of citizens in North Korea.

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Gangster Asian Lady Unloads Entire Clip at Three Home Invaders, Kills One

Three armed home invaders quickly realized that they chose the wrong house to break into after its owner, an armed and dangerous Asian woman, began firing at them, killing one in an instant.

The suspects allegedly entered the woman’s home at Spring Drive NW in Gwinnett County, before 4 a.m. Friday morning, according to CBS46 News.

CCTV footage showed the fearless woman taking on three armed men with her gun, relentlessly unloading an entire magazine to the fleeing trio.

“Just bam bam bam bam and that was it,” said awoken neighbor Paul Raper.

According to local police, one of the suspects kicked the house’s door open, waking up the homeowner. The woman immediately went outside her room with her handgun, and started blasting away at the three intruders who entered her door.

“The female retrieved her handgun went to investigate the sound when she observed several males inside of her home,” Gwinnett County Police Corporal Deon Washington told CBS46 News. “At that point she began firing at the suspects and at least one of the other two suspects began firing back at her.”

One of the invaders, 28 year-old Antonio Leeks, was killed immediately after catching a bullet in the torso. The other two intruders fired shots as they escaped.

The unidentified Asian lady who dropped the suspect will not be charged of any crime.

“Homeowners, they’re in their home, they don’t have the duty to retreat to the closet to the kitchen out the backdoor it’s their home and they have the right to protect it,” Law Enforcement analyst Vincent Hill explained. 

“You can’t say there is an imminent threat if someone is in your front yard or at your mailbox,” Hill said. “Once they are inside that threshold, once they are inside that door there’s the threat. But it’s hard to justify castle doctrine if they are in your yard or down the street.”

The remaining two suspects remain at large.

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Two Chinese Scientists Become the First to Win China’s ‘Nobel Prize’

Earlier this week, two Chinese scientists became the very first to win what China is calling their own home-grown version of the Nobel Prize.

It’s called the Future Science Prize and it’s China’s first non-governmental science award.

The first of two winners is Dennis Lo Yuk-ming, 52, a chemical pathology professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, according to SCMP.


He was awarded with the Life Science Award for developing a non-invasive test for detecting Down’s syndrome in a fetus during the prenatal period. His test is now being used in over 90 countries.

The second winner was Xue Qikun, 53, a physicist at Tsinghua University in Beijing, according to China Daily.


Xue was awarded the Material Science Award for laying the groundwork in the quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect.

In January, both men will be given a $ 1 million prize at an awards ceremony.

The Future Science Prize was created in January 2016 by a group of Chinese scientists and entrepreneurs who wish to reignite China’s domestic interest in science and innovation, among which is Baidu co-founder Robin Li. The Chinese billionaire committed to financing the organization’s prize money for the next decade.

Candidates for the Future Science Prize must have done all their work in China. They are then nominated, their work is reviewed by field experts from around the world, then a secret group of judges determines who the winners are.

The initial reason behind creating the Future Science Prize may be the very few number of Chinese citizens who do win the Nobel Prize.

Last year, Chinese scientist Tu Youyou won part or the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her work in creating an herbal therapy to fight malaria based on work first started in ancient China and further developed under Chairman Mao Zedong’s regime during the Cultural Revolution.

Before her, Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, however, Liu was unable to travel to Sweden to accept the award because he was imprisoned in 2009.

h/t: Shanghaiist

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Chinese Hackers Successfully Take Control of Tesla Model S From 12 Miles Away

Chinese hackers recently proved that no Tesla car is safe from hacking after they successfully took control of one Model S from 12 miles away.

The Chinese hacking research group, Keen Security Lab, posted a video to their YouTube channel demonstrating their progress in car hacking research of Tesla Motors.


Keen Security Lab, a group of white-hat hackers who expose vulnerabilities to help companies improve their products, discovered multiple weaknesses in the Tesla Model S. Elon Musk may want to pay attention to this.


The hackers successfully implemented remote control with no physical contact on a white Tesla Model S in both parking and driving mode as shown in the video. The team was able to gain control of the vehicle from 12 miles away and added that the unmodified car was equipped with the latest firmware.  

The researchers responsibly disclosed the product security vulnerabilities and reported the technical details to the Tesla Product Security Team who reportedly confirmed the findings. The researchers were able to remotely unlock the cars without a key fob, adjust the seat, turn on the windshield wipers and activate the car’s brakes. tesla-chinese-hackers2

The company is believed to be taking actions to address the security issues to ensure the safety of Tesla drivers and others on the road.


Keen Security Lab added:

“As far as we know, this is the first case of remote attack which compromises CAN Bus to achieve remote controls on Tesla cars. We have verified the attack vector on multiple varieties of Tesla Model S. It is reasonable to assume that other Tesla models are affected.


“Keen Security Lab would like to send out this reminder to all Tesla car owners:



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China’s Richest Dog Gets 8 iPhone 7s Just Because She Can

China’s richest dog, an Alaskan Malamute named Coco, has recently become the owner of 8 new iPhone 7s after being spoiled by her owner, Wang Sicong, the son of China’s richest billionaire.


It was only last year that Coco sported two of the then-latest tech gadgets, the Apple Watch, with one on each arm.


Photos of the iPhones were uploaded to Weibo on September 16, the first day the iPhones became available in China. Each iPhone 7 reportedly retails for over $ 1,000 in China, according to Daily Mail.


Wang uploaded the photos with the caption: “Not sure what people are showing off on Moments (a Chinese social media platform)! There is nothing to show off. I was forced to take action.”


The 28-year-old Wang Sicong occasionally updates his Weibo account as well as Coco’s with their extravagant adventures together.


Wang Sicong’s father, Wang Jianlin, is the richest man in China with an estimated net worth of $ 33.8 billion.

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Hip Hop Jewelry


Hip hop artists alwasy come out with influentials lines of clothers, jewelry and perfumes which effect the wasy people are dressing. Such hip hop moguls include Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Jay Z and Russell Simmons have all created successful hip hop lines which include hip hop jewelry and have contributed to the hip hop jewelry trends around the world, particularly in the United States.

The latest hip hop jewelry trend are custom made belt buckles. The hip hop fashion industry have seriously taken hip hop jewelry to the next level. These custom made belt buckles come in two different forms. The first is a name plate on the belt buckle and the other is the high tech belt buckle adorning a LED scrolling screen. This hip hop jewelry trend has taken off tremendously with some of the biggest hip hop names showing off their custom made hip hop jewelry belts.

This Hip Hop jewelry trend shows off the initials of the people or the entire name in celebs favorite bling which are diamonds. Custom created belt buckles can also express famous celebrity expressions such as Paris Hilton’s “That’s Hott” slogan.

The alternative custom made belt buckle is the LED Scrolling screen. The design is a rectangular shaped belt buckle with a LED screen that is placed on top of it. The person then inputs up to eight of their favorite messages to show up on the screen. This hip hop jewelry screen messenger will then display these messages one at a time by either scrolling across the screen or for added exposure they can brightly flash across the screen.

This is a popular hip hop trend that has caught on fast not only between celebrities but with the public as well. Society may not have enough money for real bling bling, but there are definitely imitation hip hop jewelry custom belt buckles that are being exhibited on people’s waists all around the United States in the hip hop communities.

Not only have these hip hop pieces been the talk of the town but an actual hip hop jewelry event has taken many people by surprise. Recently the Phillips de Pury & Co. sold huge amounts of hip hop jewelry from famous hip hop celebrities such as Sean Combs, Notorious BIG, Lil’ John Kayne West and the big seller Tupac Shakur with a large amount of the proceeds going to charity. This is not a normal hip hop jewelry trend yet it is the start to a new trend that auction houses would like to begin due to the extreme popularity of hip hop and the proceeds that it generates.


Hip hop artists are always looking in the next big thing to invest in whether it be a rising hip hop star or a rising hip hop jewelry trend. These jewelry trends occur at any given moment. For now, custom built belt buckles are in and hip hop jewelry auctions are on the rise for jewelry from big name Celebrities whose fashion trends will never be outdated.



Nudist Resorts in Thailand Are Opening Up Left and Right

A Danish couple is bringing nude hotels to Asia. Asian cultures are typically known to be conservative, but a small minority of people don’t quite fit the mold. That is why Gregers Moller and his wife are seeking to fill that demand by setting up nudist resorts throughout Thailand.


Moller, who came to Thailand in 1988 as a foreign correspondent for a Danish newspaper, considers his resorts as havens for nudists from all around the world.


According to South China Morning Post, Moller explained:

“Most of our guests are from India and Australia. We also have guests from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Burma, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan.


The resorts are popular destinations for naturists who prefer to be in full nudity in the presence of other people while on vacation. There are other places in Asia that have nudist designated areas, but they are few and usually unknown to foreign tourists.


“It’s a growing niche market. You can charge more for rooms, as customers don’t mind paying more. The climate in Thailand is way better than anywhere in Europe. Here it’s not cold at night, which is not the case in Europe, especially northern Europe. There are thousands and thousands of nudists in Germany, but it’s cold in wintertime there.”


The hotels, situated in  Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket, are the only ones in Asia that exclusively cater to nudists. In addition, Moller plans to open an 8,000 square foot nudist campsite between Bangkok and Kanchanaburi by the end of this year.


He hopes that the campsite will give guests a more primitive experience by being close to nature. Moller grew up in a naturist family that consisted of his two sisters and parents. After moving to Thailand, he launched his own publishing company before moving into nudist hospitality.


“They go to their rooms, take off their clothes and come down to the restaurant and talk to other people. Naturists are very talkative and they like to talk to each other. Most people who come here are couples. But we also have many singles. Other couple guests don’t mind having singles as long as they do not expect any sexual activity.”


Moller set up his first nudist hotel, the Chan Resort in Pattaya, in 2009. He and his wife are two of the founding members of the Naturist Association Thailand. The organization, which began in 2007, now includes 3,000 members who take part in the operation of the resorts.


“The hotel operators have to sign a contract with the association to behave according to standards. No sex is allowed in public places. For the individual members, we have regular meetups like the upcoming naked run in October in a three kilometre jungle outside Bangkok.”


Thailand is an up and coming destination for naturists thanks to Moller. However, not everyone in the country is receptive of the trend.


“There are no public beaches in Thailand where nudism is allowed by law. You can see some beaches in Phuket where nobody will mind if women are topless. But they will mind if the men are naked.” nude-thai-hotel11

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Dutch Taxi Driver Traps Chinese Tourists, Forces Them to Pay $540 For 20-Minute Trip

A group a Chinese tourists had just arrived in Amsterdam when they were met with an unfortunate situation.

The group got pick up in a cab at Schiphol airport and asked to be dropped of at their hotel, which was about 5.6 miles from Amsterdam. The trip took roughly 20 minutes, so the tourists didn’t expect a big bill. However, upon arrival, the Dutch driver demanded €485, or roughly $ 540.

“‘That is a scary number,’ I said,” one of the tourists told Telegraaf TV. “And then he started driving, nonstop.”

The tourist then tried screaming for help and eventually got the driver to stop when one of them broke a window. Although some of the tourists managed to escape, one ended up getting trapped inside the car with their baggage still inside.

Eventually, they settled to pay €100, roughly $ 112, and their baggages was returned, according to Dutch News.nl. Police are currently looking for the driver.

h/t: Shanghaiist

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