Two Ferraris Crash Trying to Avoid Puppy on the Street — Causes $300K in Damages

Roads can be full of surprises, and this rings true for two unfortunate Ferraris that crashed for a good cause: to avoid one pup that crossed the road.


Unfortunately, the drivers’ attempt was in vain — the puppy was still killed in the encounter.


The accident took place on a road in Lijiang, a city in China’s Yunnan province.


In that moment of fight or flight, the drivers chose to hit guardrails instead. This resulted to 2 million Yuan ($ 299,400) in damages.


Unsuspecting pedestrians were taken aback watching the accident unfold.


The expensive cars had Shanghai license plates, according to NetEase.


It did not take long before insurance agents rushed to the accident scene and estimated the damages.


One had a severely damaged front end.


While the other suffered damage to the rear end.


There were no reports about the drivers being hurt, but it’s safe to assume they were terrified.

Wrecking Ferraris by accident is surely no fun, but destroying them by choice is a whole different story.

h/t: Shanghaiist

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People in Rural India Are Eating Less For the Worst Reason Ever

Despite India’s recent rapid economic development and its growing number of wealthy (and extremely wealthy), it has lagged behind in providing sufficient nutrition to its 833 million rural India dwellers.

According to a survey conducted by the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau, people residing in rural India (70% of the total population), are not able to consume enough nutrients recommended to stay healthy. The report revealed that 35% of rural men and women were undernourished, and 42% of children were found to be underweight.

Records revealed that the citizens living in rural India were even better off 40 years ago. Today, a rural Indian on average gets 550 calories,13 gm protein, 5 mg iron, 250 mg calcium and about 500 mg vitamin A lesser than someone in 1975- 1979.

Instead of the 300 ml of milk that the children below three years old require daily, they get, on average, only 80 ml per day. Poor nutrition among mother has also resulted in high infant mortality rate, with lives lost to early childhood diseases and infections.

According to the World Bank, India has remained to be one of the highest ranking countries in the world for the number of children suffering from malnutrition. India’s number of underweight children  is among the highest in the world, and is almost double that of Sub Saharan Africa.

“The consequences of child under-nutrition for morbidity and mortality are enormous – and there is, in addition, an appreciable impact of under-nutrition on productivity so that a failure to invest in combating nutrition reduces potential economic growth,” World Bank stated in its report.

Global Hunger Index (GHI) Report for 2015 ranked India as the 20th country in the world with the worst hunger situation. In South Asian nations, it ranks third behind Afghanistan and Pakistan, with a “serious situation” grade.

For a developing country with a lot of potential and promise for growth, such statistics demand for immediate attention. It remains to be seen if Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make-in-India and Skill-India programs for economic growth somehow designated some of its initiatives to alleviating the plight of its millions of hungry citizens.

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Mosaic Sushi is Taking Sushi to a Completely New Level

Japanese people have blown us all out of water with their food art again. 

Food enthusiasts have presented us with their culinary talents including rainbow sushi and artsy desserts in the past. Now there is a new craze of edible masterpieces in the form of sushi mosaics.

The ornamentally designed sushi mosaics are carefully crafted with colorful sashimi pieces and vegetables. They are extremely pleasing to look at.














Check out the video below on how to make one of these works of art.

h/t: Boredpanda

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Business Credit Cards: Credit Card Offers That Is Perfect For Your Business

Business Credit Cards: Credit Card Offers That Is Perfect For Your Business

Credit cards are considered to be one of the most important financial tools in modern society. Not only are individual people getting benefits from credit cards, even businesses, small and large alike, are now using credit cards to provide financial assistance to their business on times they need it most.

If you are one of the many business owners in America, having business credit cards can definitely be an asset to your business. The main advantage that business credit cards can provide your business is that it will enable to assist your business on its financial needs with greater ease. And, it will also bring you a lot of savings if you use it right. Here are some of the things you need to know when choosing a business credit card in order to make sure that you choose the right one for your business.

First, just like ordinary credit cards, there are quite a number of business credit card offers available. When choosing a business credit card, it is important that you determine what you will primarily use it for. Try asking yourself what kind of purchases you will make with the business credit card. By asking this question, you will be able to know what kind of business credit card you should choose. For example, if your business will require you and your executives to travel a lot, then you should choose a business credit card that offers accumulating points or air miles. Or, you can also get a gas credit card if you and your business associates frequently use cars for travel.

After making a decision of choosing the kind of business credit card to get, the next step is to shop around for it. Like shopping for a regular credit card, you should also choose a business credit card basing on the features it offer. It is always important to choose a business credit card that offers the lowest interest rate. If you are lucky enough, you may come across a business credit card that doesn’t have any interest rate. However, business credit card offers like this will usually have an annual fee that can cost as high as 200 dollars. If you can’t find an interest free business credit card, go for the lowest possible fixed interest rate.

Rewards are also an important feature you should look for in a business credit card. In business credit cards, you will typically see benefits, such as air miles, office supplies discounts, and gasoline discounts. You also have to know what stores are participating with the business credit card reward offer. Try to look for stores, hotels, airlines, gas stations, and etc. that you normally do business with in order to make the most of the points you earn on the business credit card.

Another feature you should look for in a business credit card is the balance transfer feature. If you have an outstanding balance in another credit card account, you can consolidate the balance in your business credit card. This is a great money saving feature that you certainly would want to take advantage of. Also, not all business credit cards offer this kind of feature. By shopping around, you will be able to choose from the best business credit card offers. If you do need to provide your department heads a business credit card, you may request a daily online reporting to keep track of the purchases made.


Vietnamese Woman Chops off Her Hand and Foot to Scam Insurance Company

A Vietnamese woman thought she had crafted a fool-proof plan when she convinced her friend to chop off her hand and foot in an elaborate insurance scam.

The scheme, which involved her pretending to have been hit by a train, was concocted by 30-year-old Ly Thi N back in May of this year. She reportedly hoped of gaining a 4 Billion Vietnamese Dong (around $ 180,000) claim on her health insurance.

According to Thanh Nien News, local authorities received a call for an ambulance from a man called Doan Van D, who claimed to have found an injured woman near a railway crossing in the Vietnam capital of Hanoi. He told the responding officers that he found the stranger by chance.


After a little digging into Ly Thi N’s personal affairs however, the detectives became dubious of the man’s account of what supposedly happened.

The alleged victim of the reported “accident” was apparently experiencing some financial troubles with her business at the time. After some questioning, she eventually confessed to police that she had paid Doan Van D 50 million dong ($ 2,240) to mutilate two of her limbs.

N.’s severed limbs were retrieved and stitched back by doctors, but when gangrene infected the reattached areas, they were removed again a few days later. The police would reportedly not push through with a criminal case against her.

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Google Maps Captures the Most Japanese Thing Ever in Japan

Like other Google Cars, this one in Japan was photographing roads for Google Map‘s street view option one fine day. But what it captured from a distance was something unique for the rest of the world: a staring sumo wrestler.

Behold the curious sumo wrestler, peeking on the Google Car’s whereabouts. This guy is 23-year-old Toshiki Hokutōu who just finished training at Tokyo’s Hakkaku-Beya sumo stable when the unsuspecting car caught his attention.


According to RocketNews24, Hokutōu grew excited at the sight of the vehicle and ran after it for a closer view. The mawashi loincloth says it all.


Later on, Hokutōu figured that his presence was shot when the photos were uploaded to Google’s Street View. He shared his story over Twitter:

“One day after practice, as I was unfastening my mawashi, I saw a Google car drive by. I remember saying ‘Look! A Google car!’ and chasing after it, but had no idea it was photographing…”

google 2

Google has collected Street View from many countries at this point. In Asia, these include Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.

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Cap Cana Dominican Hotel Resorts!

Cap Cana Dominican Hotel Resorts!

Get Struck with Natural Beauty and Luxurious Estates at Cap Cana, Dominican.

Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, is set to be the world’s next great destination, as is bannered in its official website. This is far from fiction. The plan for Cap Cana includes the largest inland marina in the world, a number of luxury hotels, villas, and beach clubs, five golf courses and private estates. The master plan is to make Cap Cana the top tourist destination, this side of South America.

Known sports celebrities and businessmen have their sights on the land of Cap Cana, Dominican Republic. In fact, 3 of the golf courses are signature golf courses of professional golf player Jack Nicklaus. One of these signature golf courses, the Punta Espada has already debuted at number 77 ranking on the 100 best golf courses outside the US territory. The 2008 PGA Tour is slated to be staged right at Punta Espada.

Global businessman Donald Trump, on the other hand, is developing “Trump at Cap Cana,” a real-estate project sprayed on 1.5 acres of land. It is such a promising real-estate development project that it was chosen by the May 2007 winner from the Apprentice reality show to be under her direction. It wasa officially launched on the same month and the real-estate project is called Trump Farallon Estates.

Cap Cana, Dominican Republic has targeted the marina to be one of the most modern in the Carribean with about 1,000 slips that will cater to mega-yachts. In fact, Cap Cana is already part of the map having already participated in the West Palm Beach Boat Show and the International Marinas Stand or IMA. The IMA is attended by foreign dignitaries around the world.

Despite of the architectural and engineering projects, the country aims to maintain it as an ecological and environmental wonderland, implementing the latest designs and technology while still preserving nature at Cap Cana Dominican Hotel Resort project.


Asian American Student With 5.3 GPA Rejected From Ivy League Schools, Files Complaint

Hubert Zhao, a Chinese-American student from Orlando, Florida, filed a complaint against Cornell and Columbia University following the rejection of his application. The alleged reason: discrimination.

This puts Zhao in the list of complainants who have filed complaints or lawsuits against Ivy League schools on the grounds of discrimination.

Zhao holds a 5.3 weighted GPA under his belt and is a National Merit Scholarship winner, according to AsAm News. In addition, he was the president and captain of his high school’s Science Olympiad, Debate and Science Bowl teams. His father, Yukong Zhao, is president of the Asian American Coalition for Education.


The organization sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Education, calling for an investigation:

“What happened to Hubert Zhao is another example of the widespread and systematic illegal discrimination against Asian American students by many colleges. The members of AACE are outraged by such blatant discrimination.”

“Tens of thousands of talented Asian American children are treated as second class citizens who are less ‘diverse’ solely because of their race,” the complaint went on.

In Zhao’s class of 700 students, only he and an Indian American student were named National Merit Scholarship semifinalists. Unfortunately, neither got into any top 20 schools, but those of other races were accepted.

Zhao’s story can be likened to that of Michael Wang, another Asian-American student who filed an earlier complaint after failing admission to any of the seven Ivy League schools he applied to.

Wang had a perfect ACT score, 4.67 GPA, 2230 SAT score and 13 AP courses under his belt.

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Tourists Promised Sex in Malaysia, Immediately Get Robbed

A gang of thieves using sex as bait effectively lured and victimized two unsuspecting men inside their hotel rooms earlier this month in Malaysia.


The men, who are both aged 28, had just arrived at the budget hotel room in Sibu in the Borneo state of Sarawak, when a young woman unexpectedly showed up and knocked at their front door.

When she offered sex, the two guys eventually let the stranger in, reported the Rakyat Post. As the woman was entering, two other men suddenly barged in and proceeded to rob the victims of their money and other valuables.


“The victims were punched with a knuckle duster when they refused to hand over their valuables, causing them to suffer head injuries,” local district police chief ACP Saiful Bahari Abdullah was quoted as saying.

“The three suspects fled with 300 Rigitts ($ 75) in cash and two mobile phones together with two other accomplices who were waiting at the entrance of the hotel.”

Since the incident, police said six people, five males (aged between 19 and 30) and a 23-year-old woman, were reportedly arrested, detained and being investigated at a rented house in the city for their alleged crime.

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The World’s Largest Pearl Was Just Found in the Phillipines

A pearl thought to be the world’s largest has been found in Palawan, Philippines. Apparently, it was kept by a fisherman for years and only recently put on public display.

The fisherman found the gigantic pearl 10 years ago while fishing in the waters of Puerto Princesa, the city capital of Palawan. He then kept it under his bed for “good luck,” not really knowing its economic value.

But good luck has indeed come because the fisherman has not signed any donation to the city so the pearl “remains his property,” information officer Richard Ligad said via Interaksyon.

The pearl measures 30 x 60 cm (12 x 24 inches) and weighs 34 kg, or just under 75 pounds. It is expected to beat the current record-holder, the “Pearl of Allah/Lao Tzu”, which weighs 6.4 kg, BBC noted.


The Pearl of Allah/Lao Tzu was found in the 1930s, also in Palawan. Because gemologists appraised it at tens of millions of dollars, the new pearl looks to be a really good catch.


For now, the new pearl sits comfortably in the atrium of the New Green City Hall in Puerto Princesa, making its days under the bed finally over.

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