Why an Olympic Track Star Chose to Become a $600-An-Hour Las Vegas Call Girl

Suzy Favor Hamilton, best known for being a three-time Olympic track-star-turned-escort, revealed that details in her upcoming memoir, “Fast Girl,” will offer insight into why she chose to work as a $ 600/hr call girl in Las Vegas. Hamilton was infamously exposed by a reporter for The Smoking Gun in 2012 while working for the escort agency Haley Heston Private Collection under the name Kelly Lundy. Hamilton has reportedly suffered from manic depression and bipolar disorder for most of her life — ironically, the disorder drove her to become the Olympic-grade athlete obsessed with winning that competed in the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Summer Olympics. While she has won seven U.S. national titles, Hamilton never won a medal, but her psychological disorders persisted after her career. When she sought treatment, a misdiagnoses put her on medication that actually made her condition worse while also causing her to become hypersexual, leading to the beginning of a double life as a call girl. After she was exposed, she tweeted about her choice to ‘escape’ and become an escort: “I do not expect people to understand, but the reasons for doing this made sense to me at the time and were very much related to depression.” Hamilton worked as a call girl in Las Vegas for $ 600 an hour, $ 1,000 for two hours, $ 4,000 for 12 hours and $ 6,000 for an entire day. One review on her profile from July 2012 read, “She is worth every penny. I will go bankrupt before I stop seeing her. I hope no one else goes to see her, because I want her all to myself,” according to Daily Mail. Her husband, Mark Hamilton, allegedly knew of her double-life but failed to put an end to it. Hamilton was exposed when she revealed her real name to clients. The publicity that followed lost her lucrative sponsorship deals with Nike and Disney and her name was stripped from the Big Ten Female Athlete of the Year Award which she won three times straight beginning in 1988. After seeking help and a correct diagnoses, Hamilton now campaigns to bring awareness and understanding to those who suffer from manic depression and bipolar disorders. Source: Fox News The post Why an Olympic Track Star Chose to Become a $ 600-An-Hour Las Vegas Call Girl appeared first on NextShark.

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Prankser Drops ‘Rent Money’ in Front of Strangers to See What Would Happen Next

What would you do if found someone else’s rent money? This is what YouTube prankster That Brown Nerd wanted to find out in a recent prank video. In the video above, he puts fake money inside an envelope with “rent money” written on it, then proceeds to drop it near strangers. Watch how each person reacts when they’re confronted after picking up the envelope. The post Prankser Drops ‘Rent Money’ in Front of Strangers to See What Would Happen Next appeared first on NextShark.

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Supermarket mogul likely last man standing in Daily News sale

Supermarket mogul likely last man standing in Daily News sale
The only one still believed to be in the hunt is supermarket mogul John Catsimatidis. Zuckerman's nephews, Eric and Jamie Gertler, are said to be deeply involved in the sale process and are trying to persuade their uncle to take a low-ball price. Jamie …
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In the American Hot Sales Singles’ billboard this week, latest hot single “Like a G6” reelected top in second week. Taylor Swift, by virtue of the last pre-hot single in her new album “Speak Now” breaks the record again.

Before the official release of “Speak Now”, final warm-up single “Mean” ranked the number 11 in the first week. Also this single ranked number 2 in online singles chart with 163,000 downloads. Her two prior songs “Speak Now” and “Back To December” have respectively won No. 8, No. 6 with 210,007, 240,002 downloads.

This week, Far * East Movement’s “Like a G6” back to an online music download sales chart champion with 200,004 thousand download in single week.  It is the third summit of the song list.

Back to the Top Songs chart, Rihanna’s new song “Only Girl (In the World)” continued the upward momentum and has come to second runner-up spot. Nelly’s “Just A Dream” felled No. 4 this week, Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin ‘In Love” continues to rank No. 5.

R & B star Trey Songz’ new song won “online sales potential singles” and ranked 6 with 120,005 downloads. Also this is his highest singles ranking in his career.

Ranked 7-9 respectively are Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”, Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” and Flo Rida’s “Club Can’t Handle Me”.

Pop singer P!nk’s new song “Raise Your Glass” became “the potential radio single,” in two weeks. Radio listening groups has reached 578 millions which is 133 millions higher than last week, ranking No.10.

Following “So What” on September, 2008 won the championship standings, it is her re-entry into the top ten hit single, and also it is her tenth TOP 10 hits song in her career. Because “Glee” off the air this week, there is no new songs appear in the list. In addition to Taylor’ new song, there are other 11 new songs in the list, including Katy Perry’s “Firework”, ranked 57, Iyaz cooperated with Hannah Montana “Gonna Get This” ,ranked No. 66.

Will Smith’s daughter Willow’ new song “Whip My Hair” ranked No. 78. She became the second children boarded the list in Smith family this year. On June, Jaden and Justin Bieber’ cooperation “Never Say Never” ranked No. 33.  Their father Will Smith’ last seen in the list dated back to 2005 and his “Switch” highest ranked No. 7.

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Elephant Kills Driver in Thailand, Runs off into Jungle with Family Still on Its Back

The latest accident in Thailand’s elephant tourism industry resulted in the death of an elephant keeper and a rude awakening for tourists. During a jungle tour in Chiang Mai on Wednesday, an elephant reportedly “went berserk” killing its driver and running off into the jungle with a Chinese family of three on its back, reports the AFP. Police reports show the incident occurred at 9:30 a.m. local time. Colonel Thawatchai Thepboon, police commander of Mae Wang district in Chiang Mai province, stated: “The mahout who was killed was Karen and he was not familiar with the elephant. [The tourists] are safe now.” The Karen are an ethnic group with an estimated 1 million individuals living in Thailand. Channel 3 reported that the elephant was not at ease with its new keeper and attacked him unexpectedly, goring him to death. The Chinese family, a mother, father and young child, were brought to safety after other elephants and their keepers on the tour pursued and soothed the elephant. Footage from the channel shows the three terrified tourists being guided back to camp while still on the elephant’s back. Elephant riding is a popular tourist attraction in Thailand. Elephants are often captured and traded illegally for the industry, which has left only an estimated 2,500 elephants in the wild. The approximately 4,000 domesticated elephants are tamed at a young age through often torturous methods that break their spirits. The baby elephants are essentially beaten into submission with clubs and deprived of food and sleep. Animal rights groups and activists have heavily criticized the unethical and immoral aspects of the elephant industry in Thailand. This is not the first accident to have occurred — in June, an elephant killed two men as they were eating dinner at a beachside resort. Edwin Wiek, a campaigner from Wildlife Friends of Thailand told AFP: “Elephants work every day, of every month, basically 365 days per year. “If you had to do the same, you would get stressed. It is the same for elephants. At some point they become crazy and we can’t control them.” The post Elephant Kills Driver in Thailand, Runs off into Jungle with Family Still on Its Back appeared first on NextShark.

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Man Saves $1,870 Worth of Coins to Buy Engagement Ring for His Childhood Sweetheart

ringfeat Some say that love doesn’t exist, but a Chinese man just proved otherwise by exchanging a 330-pound bag of yuan for his childhood sweetheart’s engagement ring.

Liang Liang, 30, traveled to three different jewelers in the Fuyang, Anhui province of China, looking to trade 12,000 yuan ($ 1,870) worth of coins to fulfill a promise he made to his childhood girlfriend 20 years prior, according to Yingzhou Evening News via South China Morning Post.

After being turned away twice, Liang finally found a jeweler who accepted his money on his third attempt. Although the coins were neatly wrapped in newspaper, it took half the day for the four staff members to sort through all of the yuan, which were coins valued no higher than 1 yuan (16 cents) apiece.


According to a report from Yingzhou Evening News, Liang proposed to his girlfriend after he bought the ring by saying:

“Do you remember 20 years ago, I said I would earn money and marry you? Now I’ve earned enough to buy you a ring, please marry me!”

His girlfriend reportedly broke down into tears and was ecstatic in saying ‘yes.’

The owner of the jeweler was so moved by Liang’s story that he had all of his coins put on display in his shop as proof that true love exists.

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