Chinese Boss Threatens to Fine Employees For Not Attending Mother-in-Law’s Funeral


One ridiculous boss in Taizhou, China is being criticized for forcing his employees to attend his deceased mother-in-law’s funeral, threatening them with fines if they didn’t show up.


The company, Taizhou Jinyu Electrical and Mechanical Co., manufactures motors. Factory employees were forced to show up and required to wear a white shirt (which was at least provided by their boss) or face a 200 yuan fine — about $ 32. Most of the workers didn’t even know the lady.


The reaction by the internet is pretty much what you’d expect — a boss doesn’t have the right to force his employees to do this. Some are threatening to get the local government to investigate.


We have our own theories — either he really really REALLY loved that mother-in-law, or he really didn’t want to be there by himself. Misery loves company, after all.

If my boss told me there would be free food (it would have to be good food, though) at his mother-in-law’s funeral, I’d probably be down.

Source: Shanghaiist


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Here’s How Millennials Should Really Feel About Still Getting Money From Their Parents

Do you still get money from your parents for things you technically should be paying for yourself by now even though you graduated college a few years ago? If you do, you probably keep that fact on the down low, probably because you are a little ashamed that you are a 20-something college grad that can’t fully support themselves. Don’t worry though, you are definitely not alone. A ton of millennials are in the same boat, and many put up front that they are self-sustainable when they really aren’t. A Bank of America report published last month found that 40% of millennials regularly receive financial assistance from their parents. It’s not much of a surprise either — 36% of parents said they expect to support their child for more than two years after graduation, double from 18% of parents in 2014, according to Bloomberg. Jeffrey Arnett, a research professor of psychology at Clark University, explained why parents bankrolling their children is an open secret: “There’s this negative stereotype we have about young adults, that getting financial help from their parents indicates a character deficiency on their part.” But like Robin Williams’ character in “Good Will Hunting,” it’s not your fault. Millennials live in a world fresh out of recession with historically high unemployment rates and growing student debt burdens. Arnett explains: “They’re generally striving really hard to become financially independent, but they just can’t find a job that will pay enough, or are between educational programs, or they’ve lost a job … It’s not because they’re lazy and they’re tired of doing their own laundry.” So if you’re working hard and making moves in order to better yourself, don’t feel too guilty about still receiving financial support from yours parents. After all, you’re far from being the only one.

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‘Who Are You Again?’ The Science Behind Why You Can’t Remember Anyone’s Name

Image via The Oatmeal The first step in making valuable connections with important people? Remembering their names. According to memory expert Jim Kwik, who counts Bill Clinton, Oprah and Elon Musk (not that you’d need to be a memory expert to remember their names) among his contacts, not remembering names is a networking no-no: “It communicates that we don’t care or we are not interested or they are not important, and after that it doesn’t matter what you say to somebody. We know that when we remember someone’s name, it’s the sweetest sound to the person’s ear. That’s why it’s so important to be able to do that.” Unfortunately, as vital as remembering names is to good networking, successfully practicing the skill doesn’t seem to come naturally to everyone. As explained in the video below from Youtuber AsapSCIENCE, there are some scientific explanations for why it’s so difficult to remember the name of the guy or gal you were just introduced to. As the video points out, a big part of why people forget names is explained by the Baker/baker paradox: “If I tell you I’m a baker, I’m providing information about what I do and how I spend my time. But if I say my name is Baker, it has no mental links and is vulnerable to forgetting. After all, names are completely arbitrary and hold no specific information in them.” Another reason for your lack of name recall may have something to do with the next-in-line effect. While being introduced, you may be so focused on formulating your own next moves, or even assessing what you’ve just previously said or done, that the new names being directed at you aren’t being fully imprinted on your memory. In other words, your brain isn’t taking in information because it’s too busy thinking about how it will be disseminating information. To better remember names, you can try associating new people’s names with other things about the person you’re more likely to remember. If you meet a Sal, for instance, it might be helpful to remember him as Sal the stockbroker rather than just plain ol’ Sal. Another tip: Take the time to actually listen to, and put forth the effort to care about, who you’re meeting. Thinking of and treating new people as though they were just another Tom, Dick and Harry is the quickest way to forget which one is actually Tom and which one is Harry. You never know when the next person you run into twice might be a person who changes your life in some way for the better. For Kwik’s MOM (motivation-observation-mechanics) method of remembering names, check out his interview here.

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Infinitum Bitcoins may be giving registered users more special coin numbers


Infinitum Bitcoins recently announced it reached 1000 registered customers for their Da Vinci Ingenium Physical Bitcoin.

One of the advantages of registering to buy physical bitcoins from infinitum is customers choosing lower coin numbers starting from 2 to 100. Sales director of Infinitum Bitcoins Alec Johns is reported to have said that since there are over 1,000 registrations the company is considering reserving the numbers from 2 to 500 for registered customers.

There is the possibility of golden number sequences for example 1234, 1111, 666 etc could be reserved for registered customers. Giving registered customer a major advantage in the coin resale market.

Also the price for the two ounce pure silver coin is premium set at US $239 but Alec Johns has unofficially indicated the price will be increasing as the coin sells, possibly as high as US$ $425 for the last few coins.

Sales director of Infinitum Bitcoins Alec Johns said in a recent interview:

“We are very pleased to have reached 1,000 verified registrations for our upcoming launch, with still just over week to go before we start shipping we hope to see more coin collectors and Bitcoin enthusiast register, talking advantage of the opening offers”.

Alec Johns also said in the same interview:

“We expect all 2,222 physical coins to be minted by the 20th of May, final preparations will take us to the 25t h for registered customers, and we will have the coins ready to ship immediately”.

The coin is available in a three options one of which is Two Factor Authentication using BIP38, this is recommend by Infinitum gives the customer more control and security over the private key. Alex Johns recently explained the three options available.

“The coin can be purchased in three modes, first one being BIP38 Two Factor Authentication mode which allows the customer to generate an Intermediate code using a passphrase from a site such as or use their own key generator, customer then sends the Intermediate code to Infinitum during the ordering process.

We will generate encrypted private key, a public address and a Confirmation code, we then send the public address and the Confirmation code to the customer so they can confirm that we have used their Intermediate code to generate all the other keys, place the encrypted private key in the coin and secure with anti-tamper hologram.

There is no extra charge for BIP38 and we recommend people take advantage of it.

The other two modes are much simpler, we send the customer three stickers and they can implement their own address and private key, finally the most common for physical bitcoins manufactures is that we implement a private key and address under strict supervision in our facilities.”


Buying physical bitcoins has proven to be very lucrative investment for many, the first coins where produced by Mark Caldwell he no longer makes coins, now they are classed as collectables. The original Casascius series of coins from 2011 made from nickel-brass alloy sell today on ebay for anything between $1,900 and $2,350.

Registration to buy physical bitcoins is a simple expression of interest by submitting your email address, no actual payment is required. Once registered, Infinitum will contact you 22 hours and 22 minutes in advance of the coins going on sale to the general public. The big perk is pre-registered customers can choose their own number starting from 2 to 2222 and expedited shipping   Non-registered customers will currently be able to choose a number starting from 101 to 2222 but this set to change if the company decides to reward its registered customers with more exclusive number ranges.

Premium physical bitcoins such as the Da Vinci Ingenium coins from Infinitum carry potentially a large a premium in the future, the use of precious metals, and limited mintage makes the coins rare thus should appreciate in value over time. Picking up a coin at the lower price and waiting for the scheduled price increases, will motivate those in the resale market.

If you are a collector, investor or just a passing interest in currency and coins, this luxury physical Bitcoin may be worth a closer look. The physical Bitcoin is for sale on the 25th of May 2015


Infinitum Bitcoins Limited
Alec Johns, Sales Director
London, UK
[email protected]



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IGXE now offering cheap Star Trek Online credits through online store

IGXE, the leading coins store for the most popular MMO games, has today announced the release of Star Trek Online credits through its own online store, giving players a single place to buy STO credits cheap safe in a single place.

Known for providing in-game currency for hundreds of titles, including World of Warcraft, FIFA, Final Fantasy, Guild Wars 2 and more, IGXE continues to position itself as the authoritative source for all gamers to acquire in-game currency. The company is also known for absolute security, legitimacy and complete satisfaction, establishing itself as not just a convenient place online for gamers to earn more resources, but also as a service recognized by games publishers around the world.

Since launching in 2010, Star Trek Online continues to be one of the most successful MMO titles of the past five years, with a dedicated fan base and expanding universe. Gamers can look forward to years of extra content and playtime, thanks in part to the continuation of Star Trek movies, but also thanks to the demand shown by gamers around the world.

STO credits can be purchased directly via this web link:


Address: 9600 Bellaire Blvd. Suite 101,Houston, Texas 77036


Phone: 713-776-3876

Contact Person: Sales Manager Jack

Email: [email protected]

Read More USB Library Offers Look, Functionality Retailers and Readers Love


Carson City, Nevada – For people who love to read yet can’t find a Wi-Fi connection (or simply don’t want to use one), Paradise Publishers Inc. offers a solution: USB flash drives pre-loaded with today’s Top 1,000 independently published eBooks and an additional 250 classic titles at, which is now in its fourth version. It’s a wonderful solution for avid readers who want to avoid data charges or hours of downloading material. The library of digital eBooks from Paradise Publishers arrives with their most popular titles, which can be carried anywhere and instantly accessed without the need for an Internet connection.


“Our initial test runs were small. We just wanted to see if this unique concept would generate interest,” explains Nicolas Gremion, CEO of Paradise Publishers. “Within a matter of days, we were completely sold out and it’s been so successful that we’re now launching version 4 in English after having sold over 1000 prototypes. Plus, it’s also gained popularity in markets outside North American. That’s why we also offer a Spanish version, now in its second version.”



Paradise Publishers’ listened to users when it came to the latest version of their mobile library. As Gremion explains, “Two of the key features we’ve upgraded are enhanced tutorials and content structure. In this latest version, there are extensive tutorials. It shows users how to use the USB on Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo, Android and more. Plus, with the reorganization in content structure and navigation, it’s much easier for someone to quickly transfer any book they want to any device.”


The changes are also physical ones too, says Gremion. “The new version contains a double-ended USB flash drive. One being the regular USB end, while the other is a Micro-USB. Now the drive can connect directly to many mobile devices such as most Samsung Tablets and Phones. Previous version of the flash drive forced readers to use a computer first, but that’s been eliminated in this recent upgrade.”


This “USB library” contains popular eBooks in PDF, ePub and Mobipocket formats, which are compatible with any eReader, computer or mobile device. This way users never have to worry about changing or upgrading their device to read their eBooks. As the new version launches, Gremion says Paradise Publishers will be approaching retailers, online and offline, in the hope of establishing dynamic new partnerships.


“Aside from the fact readers can carry a convenient and affordable “quick stick” library anywhere they go, like on subways, planes, the office or at home – retailers have taken an interest,” explains Gremion. “This latest version includes brand new packaging that looks eye catching and modern for greater ‘off the shelve’ sales that retailers love.”


Gremion says he expected the product could build a following, but what he didn’t foresee was how far reaching it could become to people in developing countries. One of the most impressive comments received was from someone working in remote place in Africa. Because of Paradise Publishing’s e-GO! library, they now have an entire library in their own hands. So, for people in the western world, yes, this USB library offers terrific convenience. For avid readers who are beyond those areas, it’s a lifeline to books they can fit in their pocket.


Learn more about the e-GO! Library by visiting


Company Name: Paradise Publishers Inc

Contact Name: Nicolas Gremion

Address: 202 South Minnesota Street

Carson City, Nevada

Telephone: 775-461-5118

Email: [email protected] Web:

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